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Tile levelling spacers.

LITOLEVEL guarantees simple and fast tile laying, eliminating lippage between tiles, thus ensuring perfectly level floors and coverings.

LITOLEVEL is recommended for the laying of large porcelain stoneware, ceramic and natural stone tiles, as well as thin porcelain stoneware or agglomerate stone slabs (thickness 3/6mm).

The system is composed of 3 elements: base, cone and nut.

It does not require the use of pliers or tools of any type.

litolevel 1

The nut is made of rigid plastic and has been designed for easy insertion into the base. The nut too is reusable and can be used hundreds of times.

litolevel 2

The cone is practical and easy to insert. It is made of rigid plastic, allowing efficient tile levelling. It is reusable and can be used hundreds of times.

litolevel 3

The bases are designed to level tiles with thickness from 3mm to 12mm (1/8” - 1/2”), creating narrow joints measuring 1.50 mm (1/16”).

Wider joints are possible through the combined use of LITOLEVEL and cross or “T” tile spacers in the preferred size and in any case greater than 1.50 mm.


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